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Sun, Jun 7, 2020 2:00 PM

Xfinity Hotspot Connection Issues

Hi, I’ve been having trouble connecting to hotspot services. Xfinity sent a tech to fix my modem and he ended up dropping the coax cable Inside the wall three stories down and Xfinity isn’t doing anything until next month to fix the issue.

I’m trying to connect to hotspot in the meantime, but the service isn’t working. When I try XfinityWifi, a log in prompt doesn’t appear and it says no internet. It does the same when I log into XFINITY with my username and password from the WiFi list. When I check the connection status it says “no network status.” When I try to troubleshoot, the adapter resets itself, but doesn’t solve the issue. I get the warning “the default gateway is not available.” I’ve tried every fix I could find on the internet with no luck. My adapter is an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC3268 so it should be compatible. I don’t understand what the issue is.

A customer service rep mentioned I could be booted if my device is too powerful but that doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe someone here can help me.


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