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Thu, Mar 26, 2020 4:00 PM

XB6 in Bridge Mode drops speeds to 648Mbit or less

I noticed yesterday my internet speeds would not go over 648Mbit down. I troubleshooted and found that if my XB6 was in bridge mode it would cap my speeds at 648Mbit or less. As soon as I remove the XB6 from bridge mode and reset it to factory default it go all the way up to 1Gbit which is what I am currently paying for. I am using my own router that is why I have the XB6 in bridge mode. It was working perfectly for months. I do not understand what happen. Is there someone that can help me resolve this issue?





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1 y ago

We've been seeing a boatload of posts about this problem here lately ! And so far, there is no solution. There are a few choices;

1. Live with it.
2. Don't use bridge mode, use it as a combo gateway device and bench your router.
3. Return it and get your own straight cable modem to use with your router and save the rental fee. You already have your own router anyway.

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