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Thu, Jan 21, 2021 10:00 AM

WIFI calls dropping

just upgraded to the XF gateway 1gig and all computers work great but wifi calls are constantly dropping.  this never happen with our old xfinity modem.  the speed is supposed to be faster and it tests faster but 6 minutes into a call it drops.  very frustrated.

 I have been to the xfinity store and they were nice but not very helpful.  everyone in my home is working from home and dropped calls are extremely frustrating.  help!!


I have read other threads and one suggestion is putting the phone into airplane mode which seems odd.  and why would I have to do that?

this only happened when I upgraded my equipment.

xfinity seems to hide all tech support contact so I am reaching out here.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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3 m ago

I, too, am having issues as you!  can't seem to find the solution and it is indeed very frustrating, especially with the amount of money we pay monthly for services.  If anyone has information that might help, i would greatly appreciate it also!

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2 m ago

same issue here. New gateway box and new iphone and all wifi calling drops all the time. You never know if it is working or not and when you work from home it is killing me. I might have to switch carriers if there is not resolution soon.


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2 m ago

There's one thing I'd try for debugging, as long as your calls are all failing anyway..... 


It's hard to debug either the phone or the gateway.  There just isn't any useful logging that will tell you what is going on with the wifi link (drop/connect etc.....).


Since your computers are stable, Ubuntu Linux (all linux really) can be a sort of ad-hoc 'hotspot'.  So can Windows 10.  Perhaps you could try connecting your phone to a windows/linux hotspot, then see if there is better call stability.  You'd get better logging with Linux about what's going on with the radio link.



Windows 10:


If that smooths out the problem, then it helps to narrow down pointing the finger at radio communication, or lack thereof, between the phone radio and the gateway radio, and less on the line stability of the gateway.


Maybe it's a temp workaround too.

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