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Thu, Jul 9, 2020 9:00 AM

Upstream Packet Loss while gaming

I have had packet loss issues intermittently since March but they were manageable. They would appear for an hour and then disappear completely, rarely going above 10%. This changed on July 3rd when the packet loss soared to over 30% and has remained constant throughout the day. This extreme packet loss has made it impossible for gaming. Sure, I can still search the net and stream some basic video, but one of my core uses of my internet access is for online gaming, notably 1st person shooters.


I've attempted all the simple fixes of restarting and resetting equipment in my home. I bought a new router/modem from best buy to see if my router had suddenly stopped functioning properly.  I even connected my modem directly to the Network Interface Device on the side of my house to see if there were issues with the cabling inside my home. None of that resolved the packet loss issues.


I then downloaded PingPlotter to see if I could locate the source of the packet loss. The attached image shows the results of a 10 minute ping scan from last night to You can see that Hop 1 is clean. This is the network inside of my home (my equipment). The packet loss goes crazy at Hop 2 which I believe is either the NID, the feed into my house or the neighborhood service box.


Of course Comcast simply refuses to resolve this issue or send a technician to my home without trying to charge me for an installation. How do I get some support from Comcast/Xfinity to resolve this issue that appears to be coming from the line between my home and my ISP (which they own).




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10 m ago

Still nothing from xfinity on this.


Packet loss persists and I'm firmly of the belief this is an upstream packetloss issue originating at the NID on my house or the junction box on the pole in my back yard.


Video streaming does not appear to be an issue and the problems while gaming literally only happen when I introduce feedback to the controller (move the character). This triggers the packetloss issues I'm experiencing on the screen. I can set the controller on the ground and watch as other players move around without seeing any lag. The moment I try to move my character it breaks.


Power levels and SNR all appear in spec according to my router.








I've run more tracer routes to and, multi hour traces that all confirm this packet loss originates at hop 2.


I just don't understand why it has to be so difficult to get Comcast to fix this issue.

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