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Thu, Oct 8, 2020 3:00 PM

Seeing packet loss as soon as I use Xfinity's network - any ideas?

Upgraded from 100 down to 300 down hoping that it would make WFH better for all of us in the house. I did not. I implemented QoS on the router, that helped tremendously, but I was still getting issues streaming, video calls, during gaming (felt like packet loss) - so I started to investigate.



  1. Modem - Arris SB6183 (3.0)
  2. Router - ASUS RC68U (Merlin firmware)
  3. DNS resvolver - local, hardwired
  4. Comptuers wired w/ Gigabit where testing is involved

    As you can see in the graph below - I am getting packet loss to the _very first Xfinity IP_ that I encounter as soon as I leave my own network. That tells me there's an issue on Xfinity's side, as there's no packet loss between my computers on the LAN.


    What can I do to resolve this?


    Things I've tried:

    1. Power cycled our WiFi router
    2. Power cycled our modem
    3. Called Xfinity, have them "re-provision the modem" - twice.
    4. Disabled QoS on the router (no difference in packet loss)


xfinity packet loss


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