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Fri, Nov 22, 2019 3:00 PM

Re: MoCA adapter and Comscope AC adapter

Hi EG,


I just purchased a Commscope CSMAPDU9VP device becasue I ma having lots of pixelation issues, and someone suggested I try an amplifier. So now I want to wire it in. 


My home has the following:

2 Splitters

#1 Main line in - 1 leg to VOIP / Internet Modem combo, 2nd leg runs across house to 2nd splitter

#2 Line in from Splitter #1 - 1 leg to X1 HD DVR, 2nd leg to 2nd room connected to X1 HD non-DVR 


So I want to bring the main line into this device. But what I can't find are any pictures or drawings on how to hook it up.


I assume:

- Power adapter plugs into Red "Power In" (bottom right)

- Main Line In plugs into "IN" (upper right)

- Out 1 plugs into Modem (VOIP and Internet)

- Out 2 plugs into X1 HD DVR (Main Room TV)

- Out 3 plugs into X1 HD DVR (2nd room TV)

- VOIP Out and Out 4-8 I will cap with F Type terminators


Can you offer any guidance please?


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1 y ago

If you have voice service, theoretically your modem/phone gateway should connect to the voip out connection because that continues to work even if you lose power to the splitter, but in practice your cable is going to be out anyway and most people don't have batteries in their gateways so you are better off using any of the other outputs which will allow MoCa communication.   The rest is all pretty obvious (in/power).  There should be a MoCa block somewhere on the IN side of your cable.


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1 y ago

You should already have the MoCA POE filter somewhere if you had X1 service installed previously.  It could be at your entrance or before your first splitter.  Just make sure it is on the input side of your new powered splitter - or add one if you are sure one is not already installed.




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1 y ago

A MoCA POE (Point Of Entry) filter like this one;




Insert it in the coax line closest to where the feed from the street / pole enters your premises.

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