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Mon, Sep 7, 2020 7:00 AM

Re: Internet constantly cutting in and out, never achieving the speeds I pay for

How many device are connected to your WiFi and network?
I been having the same for months now. I’ve did all the trouble shooting procedures even switch out my modem. I still having the same issue.

But I started to notice the drop in speed or drop singal when My wife and kids are on their devices streaming. So I have to pause devices on my xfi app.

Tips: You can’t steam more then 2 or 3 devices streaming. If your online gaming(Warzone and Fortnite both are HIGH bandwidth games) you can’t have more then 1 other thing
connected your network.

I’m really looking into fiber internet. Xfinity isn’t resolving this issue. Bad part I have their highest internet speed😤


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