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Mon, Feb 17, 2020 5:00 PM

Public xfinitywifi/XFINITY hotspots does not like my phone

I am an eligible Xfinity Internet subscriber, so I do have access to Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide.

Except it often doesn't work on my mobile phone (Google Pixel 1 running Android 10). At the same time in the same spot, my laptop is working fine with the same hotspot, but on the phone, I very frequently get this "Access temporarily denied on this device" error.


(Here was a screenshot -- for some reason it gets removed. Here is the link to the screenshot of an error message I get:


Now, it suggests retrying again in a few minutes and view FAQ. I did all of that and more, in particular:

 - added a separate (secondary) user to use its credentials (login/password);

 - removed the mobile phone from the list of "my devices" here;

And yet I still have two problems:
1. it very frequently asks me again for login/password (meaning that the Automatic Sign-In described here is not working);
2. it often gives me the above "Access temporarily denied on this device" error.

Feels like my device's MAC in some sort of a deny-list, or something. Sometimes it works though.

Please help


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8 m ago

Exact same problem with my LG ThinQ v35 on Google Fi. Very frustrating, especially during this power outage.



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2 m ago

It is still there and needs to be fixed




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2 m ago

@Matthow @isiahmh0712

Please create a new topics of your own here on this board detailing your issue's. Thanks.  13 month old dead now being closed.

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