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Mon, Apr 12, 2021 7:21 AM

High Latency

I have 1 gbps internet with the 3rd generation Xfi router, and I play video games on my Xbox series x (connected via ethernet) When I’m running speed test on my PC and phone it gives me around 30-35 ms of latency. But when I go to play Call of Duty their in game latency checker says 80-90 ms of latency most of the time. Why is there a huge discrepancy between the two numbers and is there a way to fix it?

To add some additional info, I’ve just moved across town (a few miles) and have come from a ISP that gave me 1 gbps with fiber optic cabling. When I used that internet (for Battlefield V) I used to get 20-40 ms. Now I get 60-80 ms. Again geographically it’s not that much further away, but the latency is vastly different. Could that be simply due to fiber vs cable? 


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2 m ago

Hi, @user_5dcd79

Welcome to our Xfinity Forums! I hate to hear you have been experiencing issues with your internet service. As someone who lives with gamers, I know it’s important we figure out the issues with the latency ASAP. You have come to the right place and we will get to the bottom of this ASAP. Please send me a Chat message ASAP so that we can continue.

To send a Private message, click the “Chat” icon for our P2P chat platform. You will then select “Xfinity Support” and not a specific username. (You’ll get an error if you do so) Once the chat is open, please send us your name, name on the account if different and the full service address in question.


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Not sure why this conversation has to be private.. there is no secret.

Also first Comcast *IS* Fiber.. backbone.. it's not Cable RG-6 cord from end to end anymore.. so keep that in mind.  Comcast has Fiber in most homes.. if you have 1G the ONLY way to get that speed is with a Fiber connection .. so you are on Fiber even if you have a cable coming into your house from the street.

When you do a speed test you are actually testing speed from your house to a 3rd party router.  THAT network speed is 35 ms.. but when you actually play on CoD servers they are in a different part of the country so you are getting higher latency because maybe you are playing on a west coast server and you live on east coast or vice versa..

most games give you options to connect to east coast 1 or even tell you it's a chicago, NY or LA server.. so you can choose the one closest to you.  The longer your signal has to travel the more likely you have latency.

Lag is the not the same as latency..

If you take a garden hose and hook it up to the water faucet and turn spigot on full blast.. the time it takes to fill the host and come out the other end is latency.

Lag refers to the game server or even your computer, you lag because of drivers or disk speeds or server issues.. just FYI.  Some people confuse the 2..

LAG does affect latency which is why I am mentioning it.. if you have slow server or computer the network can't communicate efficiently and it will slow your game down.. so make sure you are talking about latency.. that is something Comcast cannot control.

A speed test gives you a BEST case scenario for what to expect for network speed.. 30-35 is good but honestly anything under 150 ms is good.. latency.

1 ms is 1/1000th of second.  So we are talking 10 times (roughtly) a ping travels from your computer to the CoD server..  30 ms means 30 times a second.. (you can calculate divide 1000 by 30 and you get approx how many return trips you can get, higher the latency the less return trips which is approx  10 what you get with 150 ms) but when it comes to games.. you are NOT going to notice the difference the CoD client, software cache most of the info and all you need is background info to be updated.

Gamers are really picky.. and most will tell you that you NEED the best you can get and over 40s and it's bad but they are WRONG.  150ms even 200ms is good.. games are very efficient now and all of the routers, switches, protocols, cable have all been updated of the years.. ms latency isn't having the same effect now on Fiber \ DSL that it did in modem days.. so people are using old information.

I game and I thought the same as you.. where is my 35 or less latency ms.. well you don't need it.. I purposely play on slower wifi just to test this theory with my guildies and other people in gaming forums and we setup LAN games over internet to PROVE my case.. it makes ZERO difference and since you are at 80 ~85 you are definately in the green zone..

But see if you can change your CoD home server to something closer.. that should make the latency closer to 30 or 40 ms.. if not.. then you are probably the best you can get.  Clearly the problem is not you since the speed test proves that.





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.@atl_vm wrote: "Comcast has Fiber in most homes.."

That incorrect. in some, but not "most" areas, FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is available in only limited areas. Their footprint is still mostly hybrid fiber coax.

@atl_vm wrote: " if you have 1G the ONLY way to get that speed is with a Fiber connection .."

That's incorrect. DOCSIS / coax cable is capable of gig speed. The so-called "first mile" is fiber.

@atl_vm  wrote: "so you are on Fiber even if you have a cable coming into your house from the street."

Yes. Partly. It's an HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) system with which the so-called "last mile" of coax can indeed deliver gig speed.

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