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Sat, Aug 8, 2020 7:00 AM

Gigabit internet not really gigabit

Hey everyone,
So since upgrading to gigabit internet through Comcast I have never actually reached the speed of 1000 Mbps even when testing on Comcast's own network. When I first got it I went out and bought another new cable modem that is capable and approved, then got the 3 pod Google mesh system. And no matter whether I'm hard lined into the router or modem it always tests around 650-750mbps. The mesh wifi system tests connection speed every day so I have a log of speeds.
I've had a tech come out about a week after we upgraded and he was able to get a bit more speed because it was only hitting 4-500 consistently.
I've replaced the cables and everything is new so Comcast what gives?


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10 m ago

I hear you. I got 950 ONCE since December when I activated it. Lately it's no more than 800mbps. Called them multiple times and this is on a router that does it's own speed tests which match when I hook up a computer straight to the modem that is more than capable of these speeds. I've spent some money on the modem & router that can handle double the speed and yet all I get is 800mbps, if that. Call them and they say well it is up to, not guaranteed. Well that's a cop out statement. So if they gave me 100mbps that's ok to them for paying for gigabit speed? Otherwise i'll just go down to 600mbps and pay for that as they should get me that versus what I'm paying for. I am thinking about saying heck with it and downgrading since they can't guarantee close to gigabit speeds. 

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