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Sun, Dec 8, 2019 7:00 PM

Getting Comcast to aknowledge Packet loss and ping spikes

I've had packet loss/packet delays and consistent ping spikes while gaming all year. Comcast hasn't been open to the idea that they're responsible. I've shown them the reports from a gaming router and then used 3rd party apps to show them while using their own router. They said none of those reports were from credible sources and I'm the only one complaining in my area. After sending reps to my house, there's nothing wrong with the equipment. I've used the same console and played the same games on the same servers in another state without any issues. What I'm saying is the evidence is overwhelming but Comcast continues to deny they own the issue. Is there a credible site I can use to pinpoint the congestion and get comcast to act? At this point they're charging me if they send someone out to my house again. Very frustrated.

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2 y ago

They've stopped troubleshooting my issue since "everything looks good" on their end. All they do is check their apps/software here. Wish this local team was as diligent as others. Good luck getting it fixed. Please post any updates on your issue. Hopefully it can be of use to my local maintenance team.

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