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Mon, Jul 13, 2020 6:00 PM

full bars wifi, no internet. fixed by turning off/on wifi on comp

I see this mentioned a few places. Now and then I will lose internet, despite having full wifi connectivity. If I turn off WiFi on my laptop and enable it again, it will reconnect instantly and return with internet. If I'm playing a game I will have 34ms of pin for 15 minutes without a hiccup and then have sudden spikes to 1500ms for a second or two and it goes back to normal. Is there some sort of setting on the gateway that would address these things? I've restarted the modem with the phone app every time it's done this and it will start doing it again shortly afterwards. The fact that the internet returns instantly by turning the wifi on the laptop on and off and that it has full bars of connectivity  the entire time, makes me feel as though it isn't a reception issue.


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8 m ago

Has there been a solution found to this yet?

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