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Thu, Aug 13, 2020 12:00 PM

Continuous connection loss/drop - Owned 3rd party devices and Leased XB7 Comcast gateway

Hello All,


We have had a reoccurring issue with our home internet dropping or losing connection. 

For years we have been dealing with this and each time a tech comes out it is a temporary fix.

The most recent remporary fix was to remove (what I believe it was called) a upper gain control and leave out of the equation. 

Previous to this we had a few tech managers/supervisors to the house and a wire was run directly from the pole to our modem (bypassing the in house wiring all together). This was run directly through the side of the house to the modem.

This of course worked for a few weeks up to a month but the drop/connection loss started occuring again.

This time we were told it was our 3rd party modem/router combo (Netgear CM1000V2 and RAX80 and Arris SB8200). After spending near $60 to have these devices RMA'd the issue was yet again still happening.

We gave in to lease the new XB7 gateway. Received the gateway and upon hooking it up the exact same issues are occuring again.

At this point I have switched back to the Netgear CM1000V2 and an older Arris SB8200 off and on (with same issues) to stop the even worse connection drop/loss that the XB7 was giving.

At this point I am feeling defeated and do not want to continue paying for a service and devices that do not work. This is extermely frustrating especially since I work from home during this pandemic (over a VPN).

If logs are needed they cannot be obtained from the Netgear CM1000V2 as the standard, and will not load the GUI for the modem.

Any assistance is more than welcome!



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