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Mon, Aug 17, 2020 12:00 PM

Constant internet outages and issues.

Hi guys. Hope all is good. I'm at my witts end and really looking to move to another provider if this doesn't get better.  For the most part, I have always had internet outages here and there in my neighborhood but lately It has been multiple times a day.  I work from home and my sons school is going to start shortly, all virtual.  I need stable service.


I just got the X1 new modem a few weeks ago, works fine to me.  The outages are outages specified on Comcast so I don't tihnk its the change in modem.  Before I look elsewhere,  do you guys have any ideas or things I can try?  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Lots of money for such a spotty service.  


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  




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