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Thu, Jan 21, 2021 10:00 AM

Consistent problems. Not sure what else to do.

Hi all, 


For the last few years I have been having problems with my xfinity service. I have called and contacted support several times to be told it was my modem, my router, etc. and usually the tech just states to reboot the modem, which at that point I have already tried. 


Services are unstable. I am paying for gigabit service, but I seldom get above 600 down. this morning it was 200. I replaced my modem and my wifi router in August of last year. I don't have a cable box, and no splittlers that I know of. Just the coax in to the modem (which I also replaced in August) direct to the wall. I've taken the plate off the wall and I didn't see a spliter, but the wall mount is in a hard to see place so I can't be 100% on that. My modem is approved on the xfinity list for 1 gigabit speeds (aris surfboard) and my wifi router is Wifi-6. 


Getting into my Aris modem logs is tricky due to Broadcom's expired certificate issues, but I do get in there and I see my power and signal levels look okay. 


My problem is that I can't seem to get xfinity to take this seriously. I've checked the cabling at the back of the house and there is several splitters back there, some don't even have more than one cable in and one cable out so not sure why a splitter was used. I've had to tighten those cables several times. They have only sent techs out twice. The first pair of techs almost seemed like hired help via third party and they were no help. they poked at a few things, and then said modem and left. Another one came out and checked cabling in the back and said no, it was the cables. That was two+ years ago, and I think it took something like 7 calls to get to that point.


Can any one provide input on the data below and identify if they see anything that could be my equipment? At this point I don't know what else to do. I dont know if i should pop open the plates behind the wall in the living room and again in the bedroom closet where I beleve the entry point in to our appartment is and replace any splitters there? if there are splitters there with one cable in / one cable out should i get rid of that and get a connector piece? 


Any advice would be helpful. I am at the point I am ready to cancel my service with xfinity and move to another provider now that we have one who will service our area. Obviously with covid my spouse and I both are working from home, and I am also in school remotly. Im about to take a certification test that spans two days, and I need stable internet. I don't want to have to call xfinity again go through several phone calls just testing modem speeds on and rebooting modems and routers when I have done these quiet a few times. I'd like to try to get a tech on the phone or out here who has more knowledge than the baseline front of house tech support. Not sure what to do. If its my modem I'd gladly replace it. thats easy. But we are on our third modem in this appartment over 5 years and the current one is less than a year old. I don't think its the modem. 


I was going to paste error logs below, but after rebooting my modem all i have are errors from december and october of last year stating T3 time out errors. When I had looked at logs this morning before rebooting I had CM-STATUS Event Code 24, 23, 22 and 16 errors. 


Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel IDLock StatusModulationFrequencyPowerSNR/MERCorrectedUncorrectables
1LockedQAM256429000000 Hz-1.0 dBmV43.7 dB00
2LockedQAM256435000000 Hz-1.2 dBmV43.5 dB00
3LockedQAM256441000000 Hz-1.2 dBmV43.5 dB00
4LockedQAM256447000000 Hz-1.3 dBmV43.6 dB00
5LockedQAM256453000000 Hz-1.4 dBmV43.5 dB00
6LockedQAM256459000000 Hz-1.7 dBmV43.4 dB00
7LockedQAM256465000000 Hz-1.8 dBmV43.4 dB00
8LockedQAM256471000000 Hz-1.7 dBmV43.4 dB00
9LockedQAM256477000000 Hz-2.0 dBmV43.2 dB00
10LockedQAM256483000000 Hz-2.4 dBmV43.2 dB00
11LockedQAM256489000000 Hz-2.2 dBmV43.2 dB00
12LockedQAM256495000000 Hz-2.3 dBmV42.9 dB00
13LockedQAM256507000000 Hz-3.0 dBmV42.5 dB00
14LockedQAM256513000000 Hz-3.2 dBmV42.7 dB00
15LockedQAM256519000000 Hz-3.2 dBmV42.6 dB00
16LockedQAM256525000000 Hz-3.4 dBmV42.4 dB00
17LockedQAM256531000000 Hz-3.5 dBmV42.4 dB00
18LockedQAM256537000000 Hz-3.3 dBmV42.7 dB00
19LockedQAM256543000000 Hz-3.7 dBmV42.5 dB00
20LockedQAM256549000000 Hz-3.8 dBmV42.4 dB00
21LockedQAM256555000000 Hz-3.7 dBmV42.3 dB00
22LockedQAM256561000000 Hz-4.0 dBmV42.2 dB00
23LockedQAM256567000000 Hz-3.8 dBmV42.3 dB00
24LockedQAM256573000000 Hz-3.7 dBmV42.3 dB00
25LockedQAM256579000000 Hz-3.9 dBmV42.2 dB00
26LockedQAM256585000000 Hz-4.1 dBmV42.1 dB00
27LockedQAM256591000000 Hz-4.2 dBmV41.9 dB00
28LockedQAM256597000000 Hz-4.3 dBmV41.9 dB00
29LockedQAM256603000000 Hz-4.8 dBmV41.8 dB00
30LockedQAM256609000000 Hz-4.8 dBmV41.8 dB00
31LockedQAM256615000000 Hz-4.8 dBmV41.8 dB00
41LockedOther722000000 Hz-6.0 dBmV39.0 dB630393820


Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelChannel IDLock StatusUS Channel TypeFrequencyWidthPower
15LockedSC-QAM Upstream40400000 Hz3200000 Hz47.0 dBmV
21LockedSC-QAM Upstream35600000 Hz6400000 Hz49.0 dBmV
32LockedSC-QAM Upstream29200000 Hz6400000 Hz49.0 dBmV
43LockedSC-QAM Upstream22800000 Hz6400000 Hz48.0 dBmV
54LockedSC-QAM Upstream16400000 Hz6400000 Hz

47.0 dBmV





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4 m ago

Just an update. about 48 hours after a reboot, this is what my modem logs look like. Again if any one sees anything here that could be a clue as to if this is on my side on xfinity side I would appreciate it. If this looks normal, I would appreciate someone letting me know as well. I don't wnat to blame any one for problems if its normal, or this is my equipment. thanks. 


Startup Procedure
Acquire Downstream Channel507000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOK 
DOCSIS Network Access EnabledAllowed 


Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel IDLock StatusModulationFrequencyPowerSNR/MERCorrectedUncorrectables
13LockedQAM256507000000 Hz-2.2 dBmV42.6 dB00
10LockedQAM256483000000 Hz-1.6 dBmV43.3 dB10
11LockedQAM256489000000 Hz-1.5 dBmV43.5 dB00
12LockedQAM256495000000 Hz-1.7 dBmV43.1 dB00
14LockedQAM256513000000 Hz-2.5 dBmV42.7 dB00
15LockedQAM256519000000 Hz-2.5 dBmV42.8 dB00
16LockedQAM256525000000 Hz-2.7 dBmV42.7 dB00
17LockedQAM256531000000 Hz-2.6 dBmV41.7 dB10
18LockedQAM256537000000 Hz-2.6 dBmV42.6 dB10
19LockedQAM256543000000 Hz-2.9 dBmV42.6 dB20
20LockedQAM256549000000 Hz-2.9 dBmV42.6 dB10
21LockedQAM256555000000 Hz-3.1 dBmV42.5 dB00
22LockedQAM256561000000 Hz-3.1 dBmV42.5 dB10
23LockedQAM256567000000 Hz-2.9 dBmV42.6 dB30
24LockedQAM256573000000 Hz-3.1 dBmV42.4 dB20
25LockedQAM256579000000 Hz-3.2 dBmV42.4 dB10
26LockedQAM256585000000 Hz-3.2 dBmV42.4 dB10
27LockedQAM256591000000 Hz-3.4 dBmV42.2 dB10
28LockedQAM256597000000 Hz-3.5 dBmV42.0 dB10
29LockedQAM256603000000 Hz-3.9 dBmV41.7 dB20
30LockedQAM256609000000 Hz-3.8 dBmV42.2 dB40
31LockedQAM256615000000 Hz-4.1 dBmV42.0 dB50
32LockedQAM256621000000 Hz-4.3 dBmV41.8 dB1241
33LockedQAM256627000000 Hz-4.1 dBmV41.8 dB1236
34LockedQAM256633000000 Hz-4.4 dBmV41.8 dB1137
35LockedQAM256639000000 Hz-4.5 dBmV41.7 dB1239
36LockedQAM256645000000 Hz-4.4 dBmV41.5 dB1140
37LockedQAM256651000000 Hz-4.5 dBmV41.6 dB1437
38LockedQAM256657000000 Hz-4.6 dBmV41.6 dB1734
39LockedQAM256663000000 Hz-4.7 dBmV41.4 dB1139
40LockedQAM256669000000 Hz-4.6 dBmV41.7 dB1141
41LockedOther722000000 Hz-4.8 dBmV39.8 dB570829693624


Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelChannel IDLock StatusUS Channel TypeFrequencyWidthPower
15LockedSC-QAM Upstream40400000 Hz3200000 Hz47.0 dBmV
21LockedSC-QAM Upstream35600000 Hz6400000 Hz48.0 dBmV
32LockedSC-QAM Upstream29200000 Hz6400000 Hz48.0 dBmV
43LockedSC-QAM Upstream22800000 Hz6400000 Hz47.0 dBmV
54LockedSC-QAM Upstream16400000 Hz6400000 Hz47.0 dBmV


Event Log

The table below contains the log of events that the SB8200 has detected. This log can be important to the service provider to help diagnose and correct problems, if any should occur.

Date Time Event ID Event Level Description
01/25/2021 12:25740101006"CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 24; Chan ID: 41; DSID: N/A; MAC Addr: N/A; OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 1 3.;CM-MAC=ec:a9:40:f1:2c:35;CMTS-MAC=00:01:5c:b3:c4:8b;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;"
01/25/2021 12:25740101006"CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 16; Chan ID: 41; DSID: N/A; MAC Addr: N/A; OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 3.;CM-MAC=ec:a9:40:f1:2c:35;CMTS-MAC=00:01:5c:b3:c4:8b;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;"
01/24/2021 16:48740101006"CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 24; Chan ID: 41; DSID: N/A; MAC Addr: N/A; OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 1.;CM-MAC=ec:a9:40:f1:2c:35;CMTS-MAC=00:01:5c:b3:c4:8b;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;"
01/24/2021 16:48740101006"CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 16; Chan ID: 41; DSID: N/A; MAC Addr: N/A; OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 1.;CM-MAC=ec:a9:40:f1:2c:35;CMTS-MAC=00:01:5c:b3:c4:8b;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;"
01/24/2021 15:50670616006"DS profile assignment change. DS Chan ID: 32; Previous Profile: ; New Profile: 1 2 3.;CM-MAC=ec:a9:40:f1:2c:35;CMTS-MAC=00:01:5c:b3:c4:8b;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;"

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3 m ago

Hello Adamclarence. Apologies for all of your ongoing service issues. I can assist with troubleshooting your internet. In order to have a better insight, I will have to poll our CMTS for real-time and historical RF signal reports from your modem, and check your local Node/Plant for signal degradation / errors. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and service address, so I can access your account. You can click my name (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile, and then click "Send a private message" to private message me.

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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