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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 1:00 PM

150+ Devices and partial WiFi

I moved into my new apartment last week. Got a new Xfinity account the first day, picked up a Gateway from a Comcast store and activated it. I have WiFi in my home, but only partially.

I can watch Netflix via my Apple TV. I can use some apps on my phone. I CANNOT use safari on either my laptop or phone, many other apps on my phone and my Sonos speaker. I don’t understand why it’s only partially letting me use my WiFi.

I get constant notifications of new devices connecting to my WiFi. I have currently 6 devices that are using my WiFi and 157 that are not connected. Of the 6 that are connected only 3 are mine. I don’t understand how people are being able to use my WiFi when I have a password? I’ve changed the password three times now.

I’m irritated and need to start work/class soon- online.


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