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Sat, May 16, 2020 4:00 PM

VoLTE and text/SMS message issue!!!!! 2nd post with no reply

Samsung S10e text/SMS receiving issue with volte

I have Samsung S10e.

Not able to receive text / SMS when have VoLTE turned on.


Tested and verified that this is Samsung S10e with VoLTE issue.


My wife phone Samsung S8 with VoLTE, does NOT have the issue. 


I have to turn VoLTE OFF to receive the text messages.


Can you fix this issue please?




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1 y ago

Here are some suggestions that may lead to an answer:


1.) Make sure that you have the latest phone software and the latest Xfinity Mobile software and verify that the IMEI on your phone matches the IMEI shown on the Xfinity Mobile App for your device. 

2.) Then compare all the cellular settings on your phone with those on your wife's phone. 

3.) Then compare all the Messages settings on your phone with those on your wife's phone. 

Now if these are all exactly the same and you SMS still has the same issues, I suggest that you check to see if your issue might be with the different cellular radio attenas in the two devices and how they interact with your cell tower and it's frequencies and LTE channels. To check this do the following:


1.) Enable WiFi Calling

2.) Turn on airplane mode, so that you are no longer using your cell tower 


You are now connected to the XM Voice/SMS/MMS servers over WiFi/Internet. If your texting problems have now gone away it means that your problem is with the cellular radios in your phone AND/OR the cellular 3G or LTE channels that are available on your local cell tower. This can definitely happen if you are in a rural area where cell towers don't have the latest antennas. 

If you still have the same issue while on WiFi Calling you should google for answers on various websites such as Samsung and Verizon. 

Good Luck - Hope you don't have to buy a new phone. 



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