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Wed, Oct 2, 2019 8:00 PM

View actual vs allotted data usage

Can the following idea please be passed to your product development team for I think this would be a GREAT feature for users like myself: I constantly find myself analyzing my past days’ usage to determine how I am trending for the remainer of the month. For example, with my 10 gig allotment, I know I can average .3333 gigs per day for 30 days. Unfortunately the Xfinity Mobile app does not show me any trend data for the current month. I have to calculate several numbers in my head to arrive at my conclusion. What would be great is if the app displayed a line chart with two lines in it. One line would be very linear and would increase by .3333 per day. The second line would display my actual data consumption. If the second line was below the first line I could quickly see that I’m not projecting to go over my allotment. If the second line was above the first line I know I am trending to be above my allotment so I might need to conserve things or ensure I am on WiFi more often. This line chart would be very beneficial for me as a customer and I suspect would cut down on customer complaints when people realize they exceeded their plan and were charged extra for their data usage. Again, would love to see this idea at least reviewed by your product development / app team. Would be a great feature IMHO. Does this make sense?

Interestingly enough, the Xfinity Mobile app has a picture of hot air balloons on its main homepage. This would be a GREAT place to feature the line chart - front and center for everyone to quickly see how they are trending for the month.

Thanks, look forward to your feedback and ideas.

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2 y ago

I use a third-party app called My Data Manager that might work for you. It has a widget that shows my usage as it relates to my progress within the plan month. It even lets me synchronize with my wife's phone so I can track our shared data usage. I really wanted something like the Verizon data widget, so I know it's coming from the same data set that I'm being billed on, but Xfinity hasn't come through with that yet.

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