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Thu, May 21, 2020 6:00 AM

dont trust the rep

This story is unbelievable. Does anyone have any idea on how to proceed with the situation that I am writing below?You might want to know this so that this doesn't happen to you. I ORDERED A IPHONE AND IPAD AND HAVE HAD SERVICE WITH COMCAST FOR OVER 25 YEARS. XFINITY SENT THE WRONG IPHONE AND I WAS TOLD THAT IF I WANTED TO EXCHANGE FOR THE CORRECT IPHONE I WOULD HAVE TO PAY A $35 RESTOCKING FEE AND THE TABLET I ORDER WASN'T LISTED ON THE CONTRACT. THEY MADE THE ERROR BUT I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEABLE. This was what the salesman had set up for a contract. I WAS JUST LIED TO. My cell phone quit working. I just finished paying it off. Three months before my contract was paid off my apple tablet quit working. Neither my iphone or ipad had a scratch on them and were in mint condition, After 25 years with At&T I thought it would be a good time to try another cell phone company. Xfinity was offering most apple phones for $200 off the price of the phone. So I ordered the iphone 11 but I upgraded from a 64 to a 128. The gentleman told me it would cost me about three dollars more a month. The tablet was also an ipad 11 128. The apple tablet was also offering $200 off of most. I have had Comcast for over 25 years or longer. The agreement for service seemed reasonable. The iphone was never received so I contacted infinity. They claimed that they send me an email requesting confirmation(photos) of my drivers license and a bill with my name and address. I didn't know they asking for any info since my phone and tablet didn't work. So I called xfinity and they explained the situation to me about needing more info. So I spent quite amount of time trying to find someone for usage of their phone. I had to take pictures and contact the company, download, upload etc. I finally was told that they received my info. Here is the real kicker. Two days later I received the phone. It was a 64 instead of a 128. I was told that if I wanted to exchange the phone that I would have to pay a $35 restocking fee. THEY MADE THE ERROR BUT I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. WHAT? YOU MADE THE ERROR AND I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT? I asked about the tablet and they claimed that they didnt see anything about a tablet and they were not sure if the tablets were $200 off. I spent over an hour on my house phone with the girl(worker). I kept asking if I could speak to a supervisor and kept getting the run around. I was on hold for over a half hour. The girl heard my husband talking in the back ground and asked several times rudely if there was someone in the background speaking. Than I decided to just cancel everything and re do it. At that point I was told that I would no longer be able get the $200 off because the offer on apple products had ended the day before. Even though I had ordered the products during the sale period. They told me I had to return the product before
the sale ended. How could I do that when I received the phone after the sale ended. After waiting for an hour I was finally able to talk to a supervisor or someone. This mans name was Sebastian. I told him I couldn't hear him because it was echoing in the background. It sounded like he was in a tiny space like a bathroom. He told me he couldn't help that. I explained my story and was told that there wasn't anything I could do. He listened for about a minute and was rude. I asked to speak to his boss and was told that he didn't have a boss. I asked him if he was sure that he didnt have a boss. He responded that he was sure. I guess I am suppose to believe he owned the place or something. So here I am. Stuck with a phone that I don't want. Anybody have any idea how to proceed. I am disabled and very limited on my income, The phone and the tablet total more than $1300 and that is without the service. Very FRUSTRATED.


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