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Wed, Jul 15, 2020 10:00 PM

XTE-10007 STB factory reset

I see references all over these forums about doing a factory reset, restoring the STB back to how it came from the factory... But no instructions on how to do it! Please help?





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10 m ago

My STB has problems with that error, and factory reset hasn’t helped much. If you wanna try it and see if it helps though, just hold the power button on the box for 2 seconds, press the OK button, Right Button, and down button, then press the power button. Then you can set it back up.

NOTE IF THIS IS A DVR, IT WILL ERASE ALL DVR RECORDINGS. (Unless they are in the cloud.) If it is a normal box, it will remove only settings and go back to setup.

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10 m ago

A multitude of things can cause that error code. A factory reset isn’t a fix. What setup do you have, equipment, wiring setup? Any details is better

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