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Sat, Apr 17, 2021 4:20 AM

Weak signal for TV problems

I constantly get weak signal icon and under Comcast Labs.

Right now, I can't even change channels or bring up the guide without freezing or losing my picture altogether. 

I've refreshed with no success. I'm recording a program so I don't want to refresh or restart so for the whole day I'm only able to watch the same channel.

My outside cable is relatively new and I've checked and rechecked the connectors.

I only have one X1 box and modem and am getting tired of reporting the problems only to have low to no signal. Could it be my Xfinity equipment? I replaced all the cables and changed HDMI ports. 

Its getting frustrating.





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2 m ago

there is a signal issue (weak signal, or high noise, or both). You can schedule a tech to check the signals (give a few channels to them as examples) and they can test outside your home. This will either fix the problem or point out that there is a problem with the wiring/splitters/amplifiers in your home.

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