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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 7:17 PM

Sony Bravia has Volume Control issues XR15

Received a new box & remote then started having problems with my tv turning off n on by itself to no volume even after resetting, unplugging & resyncing.. then couldnt control volume wth both XR15 or tv remote.. called comcast after several tests he told me to unplug my tv then everythng worked as normal.. he said the uploads dont complete ?? anyways its starting again.. is it the cablebox, remote or my tv??


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2 m ago

Hello, @, thank you for reaching out in our forum for help with your TV issues that you detailed. Those sound like a real pain, so I can only imagine how you feel but I have your back. Have you recently changed your setup or added any devices between your cable box and TV? 

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