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Thu, Dec 19, 2019 9:00 AM

Smart TV functionality with Xfinity remotes

So I have spent some time in the forums and have learned the "hard way." The Xfinity remote does not have the ability to be programed to operate the "smart hub" on my Samsung TV. This is really, really painful! I must have an extra remote to properly run my tv.

I would like to know what Xfinity is doing to help make my user experience better in this department. I love the voice command, and the additional of Netflix to the apps on the box was great, but now Disney plus is new thing, and I have to use the smart up on my Q7 Samsung... I am tired for looking for the other remote to change the source back to comcast.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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1 y ago

Is there a phone app that works as a remote for your Samsung TV?  That might suffice if you can't find the real one.   There is an xfinity remote app that works the other way around but doesn't cover power and volume so it's not a complete replacement.


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1 y ago

Unfortunately, x1 remotes are NOT meant to be universal remotes, so it’s not meant to work your tv functions other than power and audio. You’ll have to find a replacement elsewhere



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1 y ago

Just program your samsung smart remote to work with your xfinity box soundbar etc... I have samsung Q6

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