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Sun, Nov 15, 2020 9:00 AM

Search filters

I like that Xfinity teams up with other providers like Hulu, Netflix, Prime, Tubi, etc. but the X1 search interface hasn't adapted enough to support said additions. The "Free to Me" filter is fine but another one that lets you omit content with ads would be nice. I don't care how awesome the film is so don't waste my time trying to send me to Crackle to watch it. Not gonna happen.


Also, better handling of the "language" filter needs to be addressed. My eye vision is less than perfect and I have ADHD so foreign films with English subtitles are essentially impossible for me to watch. If I choose English in the language search filter then please show films that have English audio. Right now, any content with available English subtitles is listed in the results which deems the filter useless. The language filter should be for audio options. Add another for subtitle availability if you want but language means audio. 


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