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Mon, Sep 2, 2019 10:00 PM

Dvr issues

I have three dvr issues which make it not user friendly.
1) When choosing a series recording of a sports team it records all English and spanish which clogs the dvr and takes time to have to go and delete 2) We used to be able to schedule recordings or cancel them through the app. That privilege was removed a little bit ago and that is extremely inconvenient. If I know my dvr is going to record English and Spanish due to your system glitch, why should I have to risk not having something else record because your extra stuff that I don't want is clogging up the dvr space. Xfinity is going backwards in terms of convenience and user experience.
3) when looking for something to watch if I speak the show into the remote and the show hasn't started yet it will show me that it's coming on but doesn't always show what channel. I often want to go to that channel in advance but can't because I can't figure out which channel it is. The channel should be displayed prominently on the info screen with the description.

Finally i am still very disappointed that bein sports has not returned yet. Soccer is growing in the USA and yet it has become less available to us. Another example of how Xfinity is going backwards instead of moving forward with the times.

None of these issues are unique to me. I've seen them in different forums. Please just kick them up to be addressed to all of us who pay a great price for your service.
Thank you.

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