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Fri, Jul 31, 2020 1:00 AM


I am getting so darn TIRED of this problem.  As a customer dating back to the 1990s, you'd think Comcast would figure this out once and for all.  Yet again, I scheduled a hockey game to be recorded, and it FAILED.  


There are no replays, the game is not On Demand, and there's NO WAY for me to see it now.  This is at least the FIFTH TIME I'VE HAD THIS PROBLEM, not to mention previous issues with DVR recordings in the past years which I'd be happy to detail separately.  


Here's what happened:  


Saturday 7/25
- I checked “My Recordings” and confirmed Boston Bruins vs Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game is scheduled to record on Thursday 7/30 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

- As I hoped, Comcast X1 automatically set up the recording.  That should have happened because the Bruins are set as a Favorite Sports Team, plus they are the #1 series on my Series Priority list and I already paid for an entire season of the NHL Package. 


Wednesday 7/29
- Because I have had FAILED recordings at least 4 times in the recent past, I went to Xfinity and checked “My Recordings” again
- Again I confirmed the Boston Bruins vs Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game is is STILL set to record on Thursday 7/30 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET
- As an extra precaution, I deleted recordings from my DVR so that hard drive was 80% full

- Next, as a second precaution, I went to Series Priority and confirmed the Boston Bruins are still ranked #1 on Series Priority list. 


Thursday 7/30
- At 1130pm I went to watch this game believing there would be no issue ... only YET AGAIN, THERE WAS NO RECORDING.  How UNBELIEVABLY FRICKEN FRUSTRATING. 

- Next, I called Comcast.  As usual, you have to spend 5 minutes going through voice tree, confirming your account and answering questions that don't solve your problem. 
- After going through all that, I asked for TV video technical support.  
- That's when I was greeted with a nice recording that said “Comcast is currently closed”.  Cripes.   


This is at least the FIFTH TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED.   Let me walk you through past discussions now.    


After two recordings failed on the same weekend, including the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins games (neither which was re-broadcast, thank you), I was told it was because those teams may not have been set high enough on my Series Priority list.  At that point, I checked the Series Priority and I found that somehow the Boston Bruins were ranked #12 on my Series Priority list (and Patriots even lower), not #1 as they once were. 


How does that happen?  Comcast could not explain.  What’s more, several other TV series had been added to the Priority List that I do not watch.  What?  In my household, there is only my wife and I.  She doesn't even watch cable TV.  In other words, I'm the only one who touches this stuff.  No ifs, ands or buts.


After fixing Series Priority so that the Boston Bruins were ranked #1, THREE MORE TIMES the same problem happened where the Boston Bruins games were NOT RECORDED.   


After the second time, the issue was escalated to 2nd Level Support.   Initially I was told the recording didn't work because my DVR hard drive was full.  That's wrong because I've owned a Comcast DVR since they first came out and I have vast experience managing my DVR so there's always space for important events like hockey games.   Besides, with the Bruins ranked #1 on my Series Priority list, that should not happen. 


Of course it takes forever for Comcast to understand this, and you have to setup recordings and do all this testing while they're on the phone so they can finally believe what you already know.  OK, fine. 


After the third issue, when a Comcast rep said 2nd Level Support would call back, BUT THEY NEVER DID until I posted here (see link below), they FINALLY investigated further.   That's when they determined there was a SYNC problem between my DVR and the X1 Cloud DVR run by Comcast.  This issue ended being that the X1 Cloud DVR was nearly full, not my local DVR as I continuously maintained, and in turn the X1 service did not record the game. 


In other words, the PROBLEM WAS ON COMCAST'S SIDE.   


From there, 2nd Level Support reset my so that my DVR was synced with the Cloud DVR.  After that, they told me this should NEVER happen again.  Yet ONCE AGAIN IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN.


The link below is in response to a rep at the Comcast call center promising a CALL BACK from 2nd Level Support on this very issue.  I DIDN'T HAPPEN until after I waited several days after they promised to call, then posted the link below.   




Link cannot be posted (blocked by Comcast), search on this title and you'll find it "COMCAST-2ND-LEVEL-SUPPORT-NEVER-CALLED-ON-THIS-ISSUE"



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9 m ago

I'm having a similar issue.  I am trying to record the French Open on the Tennis Channel.  At first I set all shows with the title Roland Garros to record both new and repeat.  It will record some but not others and I cannot see any reason for why it doesn't record.  Last time this happened Comcast told me the same thing, we will have someone call, and no one ever did.  It is very FRUSTRATING!  my DVR says 30% used so 70% available space is there.  It seems to just randomly drop a recording that was previously set.


Time to switch companies....

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9 m ago

I just had the same issue happen today where I tried to record the French Open tennis, had plenty of space on the DVR (52% available) and it did not record.  This happened twice today.  The segment I was trying to record was long (over 6 hours).  Could that have anything to do with it?   I just noticed the second time it only recorded the first hour.  It would be nice to know why this is happening. 

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2 m ago

I am having the same issues.  I'm to the point of asking for a refund. 

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