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Fri, Apr 2, 2021 10:20 PM

Primary/Secondary Email Passwords?

How do you change email account passwords? Com/Finity offers no guidance other than to suggest changing them regularly. I have a primary address and 2 secondary email addresses and I can't access any of the passwords. Is my Comcast/Xfinity password, the one used to access the main website page, my primary email password? When I choose to edit the primary there is no ability to change it. It's not even listed. When I try to edit the secondaries, the passwords are hidden. [Edited: "Language"]

I'm in this pickle because I finally decided to use a password manager. I changed the Xfinity main portal password and things went south. I'm also using Win10 mail. I'm receiving mail from primary address but getting error message the other 2 addresses are 'out of date.' I've tried and failed to come up with a solution.
I [Edited: "Inflammatory"] searching this forum, nothing close to my situation shows up. What am I missing?
Appreciate any comments or instructions


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3 m ago

Hi there @janswers

As long as you are the "Primary" user on the account, you should be able to manage your secondary accounts and see them, if you're signed into your secondary account you won't be able to see other members in the household, only Primaries can see secondaries). Email and mobile numbers can only be used on one identity (the structure was designed for unique users, not for multiple email inboxes for one user). PM me and we'll take a look, because there seems to be a mismatch in the password reset process of what your recovery email is and which account it's tied to.

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