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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 6:00 PM

Max account password length discrepancies


It seems that the interfaces for changing your Xfinity acvcount password need an update.   If I just go to my account and opt to edit my password from the settings then it will let me set a password of maximum length 16.   If I use the reset tool it will allow a password up to 128 length. 


Shouldn't the interface in the normal account edit option also allow 128 characters?




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3 m ago

Hi everyone, we have been aware of this and it will be addressed in future releases, our goal is to ensure there's 128-character standardization.

If you're using more than 16 characters in your password, stay awesome, and use until the updates are rolled out.


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3 m ago

I just reproduced this bug myself.  I was quite disappointed when the update-password tool restricted my new password to 16 characters.  Thanks for finding this workaround.  This could be quite embarrassing for anyone responsible for the update-password tool.  However, from my experience over almost two decades, I surmise that Comcast was fully immunized against embarrassment before they bought the cable internet business in my region.

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