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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 2:00 PM

Cannot transfer primary user

The primary user on my internet service has been trying to transfer the role of Primary User to me and been completely unable to due to that function of the website being completely broken. Searching this forum revealed a post explaining the problem from SEVEN YEARS AGO. I can't believe this problem has gone unsolved for almost a decade. Here is an image of the error


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8 m ago

Hi @BryceDixon 


Welcome to the forums. If your car broke down seven years ago and breaks down again, it doesn't necessarily mean the car wasn't working anytime in between. 


Let's back up though and understand what you're trying to do. Is your primary user still residing in the same household, or are they moving out? If it's a complete account change vs a digital account management change, you should go through this process:


If it's just for an account management (note the primary who set up the service may still be financially responsible if you don't go through the process in the link above), then PM me your information (click on my name and click "send message") with your account and username and I'll look into it.


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