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Tue, Mar 31, 2020 2:00 PM

Watch movie on TV that was rented on computer


1. I rented a movie on my computer that I want to watch on my TV in the next 48 hours.

2. When I go to OnDemand (channel 1), I get a message saying I have to setup OnDemand by pressing OK on my Xfinity remote.

3. When I press OK on my remote, I get an error that says that OnDemand cannot be setup now and I should try again later or unplug my cable box.

4. I have tried to setup OnDemand several times, but always get the same error message.

5. I am worried about resetting my cable box, because my TV works just fine now and I don't want to mess it up (particularly with the current load on the support team at Comcast) and I am unconvinced it is a problem with my cable box

6. My TV is probably 15 years old (it is not "internet ready").

7. I don't know what version of cable box I have, but it may also be assumed to be on the old side.

8. My internet (to my computer), my cable service (to my TV), and my home phone all work fine.



0. Can I watch a movie on my TV that was purchased on my computer?

1. Is there some minimum TV requirement for OnDemand?

2. Is there a minimum requirement for the cable box?

3. What is the community's consensus about the possibility of resetting the cable box fixing my problem?

4. Are there any other options available to watch a movie on my TV that I rented on my computer?


Thank you.


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