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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 4:31 PM

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Since I received the new set top box (because the old one was not compatible to stream HBOMAX) my on Demand service is so bad , the movies stutter and the sound drops out, and yes I restarted, unplugged from the wall socket, and checked all wire connections to make sure they're tight, so sad that I can no longer enjoy watching a movie when I want to at my own convenience, instead now I have to wait for that movie to air when it's scheduled to watch it without all the nonsense, once again this cable company has ruin my viewing experience.


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2 m ago

Hi cestro919. We appreciate you visiting and posting on our Forums. We're sorry you're experiencing trouble using the HBOMAX App on your new Xfinity box. We'd certainly like to help troubleshoot the stutter and cutting in and out of audio. Were you able to try the system refresh as mentioned by KINGYSB? 

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