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Wed, Jan 15, 2020 6:00 AM

On Demand

I cannot get On Demand. Not since Nov 24. I have unplugged/plugged countless times. I have installed new boxes. 4 techs have been to my house. They have tried 7 different boxes-Legacy boxes.None work for On Demand.Error code C17 (I have 1 Legacy box working on another TV .It works well.)

Techs rewired my house(-unnecessarily, I think, and sloppily, running the wire  down on the ground,in the grass next to my house.) I have called Customer Service countless times. I cannot use Hitz , the replacement for Cinemax, for which I pay extra.My Internet is FIOS-an excellent product which NEVER goes out, unlike Xfinity, which goes out often. 

I cannt understand why On Demand is so difficult, unless Comcast is now requiring us to buy Internet service. If so, I will need to switch all my products to Fios. I have been a Comcast customer since 1976, and would like to remain. CAN YOU SOLVE THIS PROBLEM,Please?



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1 y ago

What exactly are the model numbers of the 'legacy boxes' you have, the one working and those not?  How is the one working connected and to what?  A little disturbing that all the troubleshooting done by Comcast/Xfinity techs has not produced an answer.


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1 y ago

If you move the working box to where the non working box is does it work? Since it works in one spot it’s not an outside issue and is either equipment or wiring

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