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Sat, May 2, 2020 8:00 PM


ondemand is not working since abril 28th. i called comcast 3 times, and always get the same answer to disconect the box wait 1 minute and conect back, i did that few times even before i called COMCAST.the agent does not know what the problem is.i was told to change the box, comcast is closed, the tech is not allow inside the house,even if come with a new box i have to do the job myself.AM 100% SURE IS NOT THE BOX BECAUSE MY NEIGHBORS HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM, COMCAST LIE AND TRY TO IGNORE MY PROBLEM.WHAT A COINCIDENCE! THE WHOLE BUILDING HAS THE SAME FREAKING PROBLEM W/ ON DEMAND? I PAY MY BILL AS SOON I GET IT,AND MY SERVICE IS NOT WORKING WELL.FIX IT



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Having same problem. Did it ever get resolved?Pray for FIOS?

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