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Thu, Sep 10, 2020 10:00 AM

Missing episode: Grey's Anatomy S16 Ep21 (Season Finale)



The Season Finale (episode title "Put on a Happy Face", aired 04/09/20) of ABC show "Grey's Anatomy" is missing (although the preceding four episodes, 1617 through 1620 remain available.)  It's missing in both HD and SD; search shows only pay versions.


I'm pretty sure this had been there before, and with the same expiration date, 09/20/2020, as the other four, since I had put it in my "watch later" list due to those dates.


Please restore this episode, or have ABC do it (however the process works).


Thank you in advance.



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9 m ago

Since CactusThorn wrote this, 1617 thru 1620 must have expired. But season finale 1621 is available for free on Xfinity streaming app and ABC app. It is not found (for free) on legacy On Demand. That’s an inconsistency, an error, a problem that should be addressed.

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