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Sat, Jan 30, 2021 11:00 AM

Re: Cable Box Randomly Turns TV OFF

If I had hours to deal with Xfinity to solve the problem this would probably be me too. I have glitchy channels (streaming and premium are fine of course) and I’ve replaced the adapter, I’ve reset the modem. And no improvement. Now the addition of the tv turning off and then immediately back on is about sending me through the roof. There is NO doubt in my mind it is an Xfinity issue but I just can’t deal with fixing it. I’ll probably just cancel my service this spring and change providers



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4 m ago

That's not a 'generic' xfinity issue.  If it is related at all it should be fixed by swapping the box.  But, it is more likely something in your power or maybe your cable isn't grounded properly at your entrance.


Also, if you have any of Alexa, Google assistant, etc. connected to the TV , they may accidentally be turning it off.

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