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Tue, May 5, 2020 9:00 PM

DVR line item on new bill but don't have a DVR box (old, legacy DTA box), plus no On Demand....

I've tried asking the second part at least once before and received NO response from any official rep from the company. We've been without access to the On Demand portion of our service for three weeks or MORE at this point. Don't know whether it's a filter on the line that was installed for the neighbors when an Xfinity tech was here 2+ weeks ago or as someone else had speculated an update was pushed to the legacy box that shouldn't have been.


Either way I am BEYOND annoyed at being pretty much ignored for three plus weeks now. We're still paying in the $150 range for this service and getting access to only 2/3's of our service and even that is beyond mediocre (internet speeds went and STAYED down around the same time time too, from 150-190 Mbps to 60-70 MAX now).


Anyway besides all of that when we changed to the package we have now (no contract, supposedly) I noticed a "DVR" line item on the new bill that was NOT listed on the old one. We have a legacy set top box and NOT a DVR unit nor do we need or want one as that's what we were using the On Demand for. Of course we can't do that now because it's NOT working. So why are we being charged for a DVR that we DO NOT HAVE?!?! Another extraneous fee (like the 'regional sports' and 'broadcast tv fee' shtick) to recoup costs that the company itself should be eating instead of passing them onto the customers? Or a genuine error?  Because whether the former or the latter I want it removed from the bill because we don't have a DVR.


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