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Fri, Apr 3, 2020 4:00 PM

transer of phone number

I just activated my new service and I was supposed to keep my current phone number, a number I've had for 45 years, and comcast took it away.


How do I get it back?!?!?!


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2 m ago

Comcast are playing a very stupid game in not escalating this to high priority.  I've waited some two weeks . . . I moved 15 feet down -- new apartment, same building.  All they had to do was 'throw a cable over the window sill' -- in a manner of speaking.  I'm fed up with them -- they're threatening my well-being: phone numbers are part of my financial identity.  COMCAST: ARE YOU LISTENING?

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Hi @gklajman

Thank you for reaching out through Forums! I do want to be sure I can help get everything with your services resolved. Can you please send me a Private Message so that I can dive into the account?

To start a chat with us, click the "chat" icon, and then contact Xfinity Support. Please do not try a certain name as it will not work. Only Xfinity Support will work :) When doing so, also include your full name and the full service address. I look forward to working with you soon! 

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