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Wed, Aug 7, 2019 7:00 AM

Re: Porting phone number

I signed up for triple play 8 business days ago with a ported number requested from verizon and the Comcast website lists that as the number, but the cable/voice modem (Netgear 1150, comcast approved) doesn't initialize for phone, and my number from Verizon is still alive and well.


I have the same questions as you and others.  I don't know how to even know when the number will be active, how to get the voice modem to work, and nobody at 1800 can help.  Frustrating.

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2 y ago

So my story gets even more frustrating.  At the advice of others on these forums, I called Xfinity/Comcast and asked for tier 2 support.  At first, the automated voice lady told me to reboot the modem (which I had done repeatedly to no avail), and when I did that again, I finally made it thru to a person who absolutely would NOT put me thru to tier 2.  She reluctantly, under my own forceful suggestions put me to a supervisor. 


The supervisor was more than useless.  She had me on hold for about 20 minutes then gave me a cocka-amamie story about how I have to accounts and they are trying to straighten it out (meantime, I have a phone line that Comcast now has but no way to connect to it, so anyone who calls to it goes to dead space.  At least I was able to forward it on their app to my cell phone).


She hung up after 20 minutes with a promise to call back "in about 5 minutes".  Well 5 minutes has turned into 10 hours or more.  And still no phone line.


I feel as if Comcast has written a book a "how to lose a loyal decades old customer in 10 steps"

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