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Tue, May 14, 2019 1:00 PM

Landline drops calls

Have new landline - calls drops at 20-25 minutes

Have new modem
Have new cable from modem in house all the way to green box outside
Green box repaired last week

2 service techs to house in last week
Contacted call center
Went to nearby service center recently

Calls still drop at 20-25 minutes

Told today need to bury new cable in yard, above or below ground cable is new and was just replaced

I would really appreciate help to be able to have landline call over 30 minutes, thanks

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2 y ago

Hi - 5/15 and still not working.


Maybe someone from Steve White's division can help -


No looking for credit or refund - just would like voice to work on landline for full hour.





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2 y ago

Hi carolo2222, I have responded to your other post.


Thank you


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