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Thu, Aug 6, 2020 9:00 AM

voicemail msg

My phone says I have a voicemail msg but there are no new msgs   how do I erase it






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If you are on the east coast and had a TS Isaias C'cast outage, you might be having the same symptom I have after the outage.  Long ago I got C'cast to disable Voice Mail on my voice (IP) line and after the outage my cordless w/ans-mach handset displays "Voice Mail" and red message LED blinks - EVEN when there are no old or new messages on that local machine, and there is no C'cast Voice Mailbox on my account. Can't get C'cast CS to do anything about it, and defaulting the phone won't clear the error.  Might be a headend glitch from the storm.  Good luck.

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