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Sat, Apr 3, 2021 7:00 PM

Call Screening block list size limit is woefully inadequate

It seems many companies are on board with mitigating spam callers but Comcast Xfinity needs to up their game and increase the size limit of blocked callers.  At 25 it is nearly useless so what does it take to get this feature change in front of someone who can at least acknowledge it and push forward an improvement?  Since Xfinity already partners with NOMOROBO I suggest that an alternative feature be implemented to allow the current UI which can only block 25 numbers to interface with nomorobo directly and allow blocking numbers from there adding directly to their database of blocked callers and eliminate the 25 restriction.  In the meantime could you please consider adding a zero to that 25 and give us a fighting chance to reduce our constant barrage from spam callers?


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