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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 4:00 AM

SPAM Emails by the thousands

Starting yesterday at 10:35am, I began receiving thousands of spam emails to my inbox.  The stopped for a bit at2:00pm, but restarted after that. I have another 1K+ in my inbox this morning.  I have checked advanced settings and have the Spam Filter ON, but that isn't working.  Can someone please help me?  I've tried unsuccessfully (Covid I'm sure) contacting Xfinity. Thanks



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1 y ago

likely scenario is that someone signed up your email for all the spam emails. We cant stop specific emails from coming through, its either all or nothing. Only other options would be to change your actual email address and start fresh. Best way to do that would be to create a secondary new email and start switching all important providers over to your new one. Once you've confirmed everyone has your new email, you can get rid of the old one. Otherwsie you will just have to "this is spam" each spam email that comes into the inbox, if it hits spam then we are already filtering it accordingly. 

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1 y ago

I have the same problem starting last night. I created filters that put most emails in trash. However, I am worried the filter will trash emails I want to receive. And, 10 or more hourly are getting through the filter.


So the Comcast response to this message confirms the only solution is to change my primary email I've had for over 20 years.


I suggest before you do so, plan out a method to insure all your crucial accounts, friends and business contacts get your new email. Also, sending out a message with too many addressees at a time can cause the email to be treated as spam. 

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5 m ago

Bad Advice. You need to look at the headers and then create an Envelope Filter for the spam sender. I got abour 300 emails in an hour, but none since I created the filter correctly.

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