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Thu, Nov 7, 2019 4:00 AM

emails not deleting from server

(Using comcast email directly from browser, logging into XFINITY on their own site, on desktop) Despite having my email set to permanently delete emails and speaking to tech support twice, my emails are remaining recoverable and not being deleted. First support call technician told me they would escalate my issue to Tech 2 as they could not solve my issue. That was 3 weeks ago. Called back in one week to follow up on issue, new Tech 1 person looked up ticket and it was marked closed with no action being taken.  New Tech 1 support person told me they spoke with a new Tech 2 person who then told me the emails will be recoverable and stay on server for 2 weeks before being deleted due to a back end issue that was being addressed. It's been 15 days and I still have emails from August 2019 that are still on the server.  Is anyone really addressing this? It seems I'm getting the standard Comcast horse and pony show and wasting my time with phone support.

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2 y ago

I'll try to explain what is going on here-----------when you delete an email, normally it goes to the Trash folder for two weeks, and then drops into the recovery folder, also known as "the dumpster".  Once there, it remains recoverable for 30 days from the time it was deleted.  In the settings there is a box you can check to permanently delete messages  But understand that all that does is skip the Trash folder and send the message straight to the dumpster when you delete it.  So it is still recoverable to that extent.  There is no way to delete from the dumpster yourself.  You have to wait until the messages time out and then they will be gone.

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1 y ago

I can't get the emails to delete from my inbox.. They deleted from trash folder, though. When I click on trash can to delete an email, the shaded part jumps off that email to another one and neither one deletes.....

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