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Sun, Jun 7, 2020 2:00 PM

email will not load - server issue?

Out of the blue, I have not been able to receive any new emails since June 1.  On my iphone, the mail app says server error.  Everything looks fine in the settings.  It's not just an issue on my phone because my email will not load at all when I use the xfinity website on the computer.  It says an error occurred inside the server and cannot process request.  When I try to add my comcast account to the mail app on my ipad it tells me that my username or password is for is incorrect.  But it's not because I can log into xfinity on my browser just fine (except for loading emails).  I called xfinity last week and they said it was a known issue with some servers and to just keep checking, but it has now been a week with no access to my emails.  I have not been an xfinity customer since I moved 3 years ago, but should still be able to access my email.


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