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Mon, Feb 15, 2021 7:00 PM

Email problems with Comcast

I have 3 active email addresses, when I want to update my personal email address on one of my accounts aand I put in my one and only mobil phone number I get the message that this number is alkready assosiated with another account.

 Yes , of course it is! 

I have only one phone number and for each of the 3 email addresses I must have the one and only phone number to put is.

  But Comcast will not allow me to do this...

  Do I need to buy 3 phones for Comcast to be able to put in my personal phone number???

This none-sense is just crazy making because I was on tech support for 1:15 hrs and no help!!!





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3 m ago

What you are seeing is normal.  Comcast accounts are predicated on the model of having a Primary account holder and up to 6 secondary accounts for other people in the same household.  No, you cannot use the same phone number for more than one of them for security reasons.  However, you should also see the option to use an alternate non-Comcast email address instead of a phone number when setting up the account. 

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