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Wed, Jul 15, 2020 1:00 PM

Comcast webmail being moved to trash

I have three devices that collect email from one comcast account. All three are set to leave messages on the server. I have double checked this twice. One desktop, one laptop and one iPhone.

I have also checked my webmail settings and nothing there indicates that read mail from an external device should be moved to the trash.


I use mac mail for all three.


When I collect email off of the laptop or the phone I have no problem. When I go to collect from the desktop there is only recent emails there.


I then go to comcast webmail and there are all the emails I expected to collect on the desktop in the trash. I move them into the inbox and then collect them as usual on the desktop.


This would normally indicate to me that the setting for leaving mailon the server is not checked on the laptop of iPhone. But they are checked.


My question is why after collecting from the laptop or the iPhone are the emails being sent to the trash?



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