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Mon, Apr 19, 2021 5:32 PM

xfinity Security Cameras - Maximum Number for 24/7 Recording


I recently noticed on the xfinity Home Self Protection web page that xfinity now allows six (6) security cameras for 24/7 recording. I previously had four (4) cameras so I purchased two (2) more. I was able to install and activate them without issue. However when I try to turn on 24/7 recording on these two (2) cameras I receive an error message advising that only four (4) cameras can be used at one time for recording.

What's going on? Has the app not been updated to allow 24/7 recording on six (6) cameras?

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!


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2 m ago

Hi @BrotherHawk -

There are actually two different subscription plans for 24/7 recording... the older of the two allows for up to 4 cameras and offers a 10 day retention of video on the cloud.  That plan is no longer being sold, but is grandfathered for anyone who currently has it and wants to keep it.

The plan we sell now offers up to 6 cameras with a 7 day retention of video in the cloud.

If you'd like to switch, just give us a call at 1-877-298-0874 and tell the agent that you would like to remove your current 24/7 Video recording plan and add the new one.  Note that you may want to download any important moments from the last week or so first - there is a chance that this may cause your recordings to be deleted and then start over from scratch as you are set up with the new plan.


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