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Thu, Jan 28, 2021 1:00 PM

Why is Customer Service so Poor?

Very Angry Customer Here,


This has been by far the worst customer service experience of my lifetime. The cable has not worked for a month. Support has been called at least 9 times, and has been wholly unhelpful. Different person every time who has no idea I have called before. Same checklist that never fixes the problem. We need a technician, and one won't be sent. We asked for 2 callbacks that never came, then had to call back ourselves and didnt speak to the same person. When we spoke to a "supervisor", who definitely was not a supervisor, and he was extremely evasive and basically refused to send a technician to our home. Obviously it is a pandemic but we didnt have a problem getting one out last time relatively recently.

I cannot say this more clearly: Xfinity does not care about its customers. Maybe they'll even respond to this saying they take customer service seriously. I won't believe them. There is no trust left. I have been lied to by customer service countless times, and my problem has never been fixed. I want to cancel my service so badly because this company lies to its customers. 


This is not a question, this is an indictment. I have come to say that Xfinity has wasted countless hours of my life, and taken countless dollars out of my wallet, all for horrible service and careless customer support. 








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4 m ago

This is what happens when monopolization is allowed.

If there is no true competitor in a region then there is zero incentive for a business to focus on customer retention.

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