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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 1:00 AM

When you make an appointent and a customer waits for hours, it would be nice if you showed up

I received a note on my door that there was a loose connection IN MY HOME. I made a service appointment. Comcast called twice to make sure I would be at my home waiting for 2 hours so a service technician would not waste his time. I waited for hours and they never showed up. When I called, the service technician clearly lied. They said he already taken care of the repair. That's not ture since the loose connection was in my home. If he was able to fix the problem by just driving by, why did they have me waiting there. They never knocked, entered my home, called, or left a note. There is no way they could have repaired a loose connection in my home. I spent almost over an hour and a half waiting for the person at Customer Concern (Andre) to make arrangements for a technician to return. Of course, that never happened. After waiting for him, I was suddenly disconnected. Well at least he obtained a call back number when he first contacted me in case the call was dropped. He had a call back numer for me, but never called back. I wish this was the first time, your technician failed to show for an appointment. I wish it was the second time, but you see this continues to happen.  Now, I'm supposed to take another day off work to wait for another service technician, who may or may not show up. Is it too much to ask that when you make an appointment, you actually show up? My time is worth well more than the tiny adjustment they offered to my bill.  Tell me all about your committment to customer service? You charge me premuim prices, since I have been a long time customer, and this is the customer service you provide? 


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