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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 11:00 AM

New Construction

We moved into our new home in January 2020. Prior to moving in I opened a ticket with the Xfinity construction department to be proactive with getting our cable and internet activated. We are long time Xfinity customers but due to the lapse in moving we were told by Xfinity to cancel our account. We've waited patiently for over 9 months and still there's been no movement for our installation. Our neighborhood was already wired for Xfinity services so Centurylink or any other providers will not lay their wiring down. It's just our street which is new.


The Xfinity construction department came to survey back in March/April 2020 and quoted us $1940 to install the wires but that's where the ball dropped. I have called the office at least twice a month for an update and there isn't any. Each rep that I speak to gives me a different answer. Now it's they can't move forward until the builder releases the addresses and this is untrue. Our addresses were released earlier this year. Xfinity even had me go to USPS to validate my address, which I did, and dropped the paperwork off to the local office back in February 2020.


There are several new neighborhoods next to ours who have Xfinity underground wiring already laid prior to the new owners moving in. I have been working from home since March and using my phone's hotspot which has a measly 10GB of data. Now that my daughter is doing virtual school for the fall semester this is not enough data to sustain our needs. This experience has been so frustrating I could pull my hair out. We have been loyal customers for years and it's disheartening to see this side of your customer service. I have no idea how our address went from being serviceable, you all give us an amount to run the wiring and STILL there's no service and no one to talk to. I understand the construction team may have limited hours due to COVID but even prior to COVID, I still received no call backs or updates. I've been given ticket numbers, have been promised for NINE MONTHS that I will receive a call back, and nothing. How is it possible that there is no one at the Xfinity construction department to speak to?


There are at least 10 other families on my street in the same boat and we are all given the run around with Xfinity with the reps giving us all different answers. The builder is still constructing new homes so the clientele is definitely here. I can provide addresses if needed and my Xfinity housesmart ticket number.  Please give me a person to talk to that can make this happen!!!


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